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Blindwütig (Jack Stapleton & Laurie Montgomery, #1) Robin Cook

Blindwütig (Jack Stapleton & Laurie Montgomery, #1)

Robin Cook

ISBN : 9783442429448
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 About the Book 

I bought this book new when it was on clearance and it has been sitting on my bookshelf for 18 years or so. I dont know why I put it off so long- I think I forgot how much I like Robin Cooks books. So, I finally decided to try and get some of the older books off the bookshelf, and started with this one. This book was fantastic! It combined a pathologist, opthamologist, police detective, and some organized crime thugs into a very interesting and page turning story.I entered the military only a few years after this book was published and I can remember countless hours in classes on sexual harassment and discrimination. This book shed a little light onto why it was such a hot topic at the time. The main character, Laurie Montgomery, was an attractive young woman and would often get chastised or harassed for being a forensic pathologist for the office of the Medical Examiner. Men would treat her more like a model, than give her credit for being a medical doctor. I just found it interesting to get an idea of how things were just before I entered into the professional world.